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Codex Themes

Traditional publishing tools like Wordpress rely heavily on layouts that are applied site-wide to every article or post. Codex takes a different approach: articles are individual entities that each have their own style and layout. You can have two stories that look completely different from each other.

Themes in Codex are not even treated in a special way by the platform. Each theme is really just a single CSS file. You can learn how to use them or check out a demo article to preview them.


Pigeon is our default theme. It’s intentionally uninspired, basking in the comfort of the normcore aesthetic. Sans-serif headlines and serif body text have become something of the default for the web and Pigeon delivers just what you’d expect.


Something here about Owl.


Like the leggy water bird that is its namesake, Heron is sleek and svelte. The long thin lines of Lato—a favorite web font—give it a fresh look, like a cool, salty breeze blowing across a tidal river.


Raven is stepping out a little. Dark as night, it is unmistakeable for its inverted color scheme and the high-contrast, somewhat-loopy Didoni for its headings.


It’s a tropical vibe in here. Toucan is a wild ride through a party filled with tiki torches, piña coladas and steel drums. This theme will hopefully get you thinking about the possibilities for a bit of color and fun in your designs.


The basic theme is meant to be a starting point for your own design. It provides sensible defaults for margins and the same utility classes as the other themes. It does not include any fonts or colors, allowing you to pick your own without having to worry about CSS specificity. Either include it in your story’s assets list or fork Codex’s themes repository to start building.