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Codex Press Documentation

The Codex editor allows authors to create beautiful articles on the web. However, unlike pre-existing platforms, Codex does not create a high-level abstraction for articles. It’s just an easier way to make web pages, removing as much work and pain as possible while keeping all the control in your hands.

Since it takes such a different approach, it may take a bit of time to adjust to the platform. We think once you get a handle on some basic concepts, you’ll be thankful for the power that it allows.

All that above covers how to use the platform tools. However, the real power of Codex is unlocked by the code that you add to your pages, whether it’s CSS for design or JavaScript for additional functionality and interaction.

We believe that publications will want to write their own front-end code and we’ve made it dead easy to get it deployed to the platform. To demonstrate the possibilities of what you can do, we’ve put together our own code that you can use for free:

This platform is a work in progress and we hope to get to cover advanced topics in coming updates. Please write to our team if you spot anything amiss: