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Kremlin Influence

In this current we bring you stories about politics of homophobia in the Former Soviet Union and examine the role Moscow played in turning sexual orientation into a matter of political ideology.

The Kremlin’s Reach


Why Moscow’s ‘gay propaganda’ law spread beyond Russia

No Room for Humor

Field Notes

How one journalist used satire to cover the 2013 Russian law against homosexual “propaganda” — and why he could not do it now

Legal Circuses


Kafkaesque legal wranglings against activists have succeeded in shutting down a gay rights movement in Russia. These four cases paved the way.

Young, Russian, Gay, and Pro-Putin


Why do many Russian LGBTQ members support Putin’s presidency?

Permission to Exterminate

Text & Sketches Dispatch

Kyrgyzstan’s Beacon of Tolerance Under Threat from Manufactured Kremlin Homophobia

A “Family” Gathering Commemorates an Anti-Gay Riot


An anti-LGBTQ conference provides ecumenical and political unity among American, Georgian and Russian members of the religious right.