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East-West Divide

Here we track the growing divide between two schools of thought as Moscow’s definition of values and tradition clashes with the Western emphasis on individual rights.

On the Frontiers of the “Russian World”


How homosexuality got caught up in the war in eastern Ukraine

Bianka’s Story


A portrait of one member of Georgia's transgender community

In and Out In ‘90s Russia


An observer looks back on what’s changed, and what hasn’t, for gays in Russia

Transmoskva Episode One


Political is Personable: Real lives in contemporary Russia.

Transmoskva Episode Two


Episode Two: Vika's Big Day

The Absent Activists


Silicon Valley’s extraordinarily wealthy and powerful companies, which have advocated forcefully for LGBTQ rights throughout America, are remaining silent about Putin’s anti-gay laws as they pursue the Russian market

Transmoskva Episode Three


Episode Three: Vika's Goodbye to Moscow

Forgotten Revolutionaries


Ukraine’s LGBT community depends on the West to defend their rights

Transmoskva Episode Four


Episode Four: Vika's Return Home

Murder after the Revolution


Since Ukraine’s 2014 revolution, the number of killings of gay men has exploded. How Ukraine responds will help determine the country’s political trajectory—as a part of Europe or spinning toward Russia.

Kiev’s Equality March Passes Peacefully


Opposition from foreign and domestic forces arrayed against LGBTQ rights failed to disrupt an annual march in Kiev, bolstering Ukraine’s halting efforts to align with the West.

Politics and Repression


How longtime Russian political activists are often overlooked in the West